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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
FPP hotspot plugin for making a slideshow.
Scaling can be selected to make the image fit any window size.
Every image can have its own:
display time
transition type
onClick, onOver and onOut command
tooltip text
Window size can be set in percentage of pano size.
Also works in a hotspot <box>.
Support for viewers to add their own images (requires server script).
Controlled by a separate XML file.

The following parameters are supported:

Attributes in FPP xml file <spot> or <box> tag:
xmlFilexmlFile=ads.xmlread plugin area data from this XML file, default=billboard.xml
actionaction="+"plugin actions - see below.

Supported plugin actions:
action="play"start/continue billboard show
action="pause"pause billboard show
action="+"show next image
action="-"show previous image
action="image_id"show image with id = image_id
action="time(nnn)"changing image display time (see NOTES)
action="addAd"add image to slideshow via server upload-download

In external xml file:

In <billboard> tag:
widthwidth="300"width of billboard window in pixels
width="20%"width in percentage of pano stage width
heightheight="200"height of billboard window
height="25%"height in percentage of pano stage height
timetime="20"image display time in seconds (default=20),
can also be set individually in <ad> tag
or with with a plugin action="time(nn)" command
autoPlayautoPlay="0"show billboard images at startup, default=1
imageScalingimageScaling="fill"image scaling, "none", "fit" or "fill",
default: "fit", see NOTES
In <ads><ad> tag:
idid="ad4"optional id for use with "action" attribute above
urlurl="img/advert_5.png"image file url
timetime="30"optional image display time in seconds
transitiontransition="pressdown"type of transition betweeen images (see below)
tooltiptooltip="Visit Grand Hotel"tooltip at image mouse-over
onClickonClick="global.goHotel()"FPP command when image is clicked
onOveronOver="global.showSpot()"FPP command at image mouse-over
onOutonOut="global.hideSpot()"FPP command at image mouse-out
In <upload> tag:
<url><url>http://site.com/script.php</url>url to server upload script
<prompt><prompt>Due to the Flash...</prompt>upload prompt text
<maxsize><maxsize>150000</maxsize>max file size allowed (in bytes, default: 102400)


All tag names must be written in lower case, but attribute names are case independent (onClick is equal to onclick).

Image fitting is determined by the imageScaling="..." attribute. Supported values are:
noneno image scaling, image is shown as is
fitimage is scaled to best fit billboard window size, image proportions are kept unchanged
fillimage is scaled to fill the billboard window size, image proportions can be changed

Setting image display time with the action="time(nnn)" command will override both the default and individual image display times until the action="time(0)" command has been received.

Supported image transitions are:
fadenew image fades in over previous image
pushupprevious image pushed up by new image
pushdownprevious image pushed down
pushleftprevious image pushed to the left
pushrightprevious image pushed to the right
pressupprevious image pressed up by new image
pressdownprevious image pressed down
pressleftprevious image pressed to the left
pressrightprevious image pressed to the right
coverupprevious image covered from bottom to top by new image
coverdownprevious image covered from top to bottom
coverleftprevious image covered from right to left
coverrightprevious image covered from left to right
grownew image grows from center
shrinkprevious image shrinks into center
To all transitions you can append (n) = transition time in seconds (default 3.0), example: pressdown(1.5)
If no transition is specified, one will be chosen at random.
Plugin "actions" during transitions are delayed until transition is complete.

When the action commands "-" or "+" are used to show the previous or the next image, the plugin will also enter pause mode. The timer controlled image show may then be restarted by giving a "play" command. All "press-" and "push-" transitions will also change direction: "pressleft" will be "pressright", "pushup" will be "pushdown" a.s.o.

For the viewer to add images to the slideshow with server upload-download, there of course has to be a server script (PHP, Perl or shell script) or application that can store the images in a place where the plugin can get to them. The same script can also be used to remove previously uploaded images. The script url must be entered in the plugin XML file. You can also set the largest file size allowed and the built-in text prompt that is necessary due to Flash Player 10 security policy.

Example of plugin xml file:

<?xml version = '1.0'?>
<billboard width="410" height="200" time="10" imageScaling="fill">
      <ad id="ad1" url="img/advert_2.jpg" transition="pushdown" tooltip="Clicking will load another pano" onClick="global.goASS()" />
      <ad id="ad2" time="15" url="img/advert_3.jpg" transition="pressdown" tooltip="Clicking will open a new browser window" onClick="openUrl(http://wirestam.com/panos/Flash/plugins,_blank)" />
      <ad id="ad3" url="img/advert_4.jpg" transition="pressleft" tooltip="Clicking will pan away a bit" onClick="pano.pan=55,3000;pano.tilt=5,3000" />
      <ad id="ad5" url="img/advert_5.jpg" transition="grow" tooltip="This is ad #5" onClick="pano.pan=-10,3000;pano.tilt=0,3000" />
      <ad id="ad6" url="img/advert_6.jpg" transition="fade(3.5)" tooltip="This is ad #6" onClick="pano.pan=30,3000;pano.tilt=0,3000" />

Version history:

Fixed bug when using only onOver or onOut but not onClick for an ad.

Mouse hand pointer is only set for images with onClick="..." set.

Transition type "cover" added.
Transition time can be specified for all transition types.

Added autoPlay="..." attribute in tag.
Added action="pause" command.
Added action="play" command.
Modified command response timing code.

Added command action="time(nn) to image display time.
Added transitions "pressright, "pushright", "pressup" and "pushup".
Added support for specifying fade time in transition "fade(nn)".
When images are displayed in reverse order (action="-"), image transitions will also direction.

Added support for action="-" to show previous image.

Fixed resize bug.

imageScaling="..." attribute added to choose image fitting.
billboard size can now be specified in a percentage.

Definitely fixed hotspot unload code!

Support added for viewers to add their own images (requires server script).
Fixed hotspot unload code.