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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
A hotspot plugin for showing a magnetic compass.

You can choose between having a static compass housing image with a rotating needle, or using a static needle with a rotating compass scale, or simply a rotating compass image.

The following parameters are supported:
staticImagestaticImage=compass2.pngstatic (compass housing) image
rotatingImagerotatingImage=needle2.pngrotating (compass needle) image
imageOffsetXimageOffsetX="4"needle horizontal offset from compass housing center point
imageOffsetYoffsetY="-10"needle vertical offset from compass housing center point
delaydelay=40compass response speed (s) (0=no delay, 0.1-nn=slower)
offsetNorthoffsetNorth=-82pano offset in degrees (i.e. magnetic direction at pan=0)


Only the offsetNorth parameter can be changed dynamically from FPP. Example:

Example plugin XML file:

<spot id="comp4" url="../compass.swf" static="1" salign="TR" align="TR" staticX="-10" staticY="10" scale="0.60"
   staticImage="img/compass1.png" rotatingImage="img/needle1.png" imageOffsetX="-2" imageOffsetY="46" offsetNorth="" delay="3"

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