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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
FPP external plugin for displaying coordinates of panorama center (+-180 degrees), zoom level and/or a center crosshair.
The following parameters are supported:

positionposition=15:60position of display
visiblevisible=T0 or 1, anything else will toggle plugin visibility
coordscoords=T0 or 1, anything else will toggle coords display
tilttilt=00 or 1, anything else will toggle tilt display
zoomzoom=T0 or 1, anything else will toggle zoom display
arrowsarrows=T0 or 1, anything else will toggle arrows display
buttonsbuttons=T0 or 1, anything else will toggle buttons display
crosshaircrosshair=T0 or 1, anything else will toggle crosshair display
precisionprecision=highlow, medium or high, default=medium

All parameters except "position" can be changed dynamically from FPP.

The arrows and buttons are helpful for "micro-adjusting" to get the desired pan, tilt and zoom values.

The precision when panning, tilting and zooming can be set to low, medium or high. And this setting can also be changed by double-clicking the value fields. The background color of the value fields indicates the amount of precision used (low=blue, medium=white and high=red).

Version history:

Precision can now be set in three levels: low, medium and high

"tilt" parameter added - if you only want to show the pan value.
Rounding of low precision value displayed is improved.

New parameter "precision" added. When set to high, pan and tilt values are shown with a precision of one hundredths of a degree.
Pan arrows and zoom buttons now detects being pressed as well as clicked. Pan and zoom speed is increased after being pressed for two seconds.

Zoom value and buttons added.

Arrows added.
Crosshair image file support removed.
Possibility to turn on/off individual parts or the complete plugin added.