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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
Use this plugin to display a dialog box where the viewer can enter a choice.
The box can show either a plain text prompt or a more complex HTML text including images.
The following parameters are supported:

texttext=Do you want to go fullscreen?text message
htmlfilehtmlfile=files/text2.htmlload html text file
visiblevisible=10 or 1, default 0
maxWidthmaxWidth=250maximum width - wider texts wrap
button1button1=Yes, please!Left button label
button2button2=No thanks!Right button label
command1command1=left button command(s) when clicked
command2command2=pano.fullscreen(-)right button command(s) when clicked
commandClosecommandClose=1close-button command(s) when clicked
alphaalpha=0.75alpha value of message box
bgColorbgColor=#000000background color RGB value, default "#C0C0C0"
borderColorborderColor=#000000border color RGB value, default "#000000"
textFonttextFont=Garamondtext font family, default "Arial"
textSizetextSize=16text font size, default 14
textColortextColor=#FFFFFFtext color RGB value, default "#000000"
textAligntextAlign=leftleft, center or right, default center
textBoldtextBold=11 or 0, default 0
offsetoffset=0:120dialog position offset from center

All parameters can be updated dynamically from FPP.

Please note that when setting the different parameters dynamically to show a new message, the box is displayed when the plugin receives the parameter "visible=1". When the viewer closes the message box, the plugin resets to "visible=0".

Certain characters like ,'"; cannot be used directly in the text, because they have special meaning in the XML file. They can however be included in the text by using the escape-coded forms (%2C, %3B...). This applies to the "text", "command1" and "command2" parameters.

The close-button command can be set to "1" or "2", which means that when it is clicked, the command from button1 or button2 will be executed.

Also, "\n" or "\r" can be used to force newline in the text.