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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
FPP hotspot plugin for displaying a digital clock.

The clock has 6 built-in fonts, and the display can be customized by using a format string.

Hotspot attributes:

formatformat="D M h:m:s"Clock format, default="h:m:s", see below
fontfont="5"Font name or number (1-6), default=1, see below
fontColorfontColor="#C00000"Font color, default=#FFFFFF
fontSizefontSize="24"Font size, default=16
monthsmonths="Jan,Feb,Mar..."Names of the months - optional, see below
weekdaysweekdays="Sonn,Mon,Dien..."Names of the weekdays - optional, see below


Local system time is always used.

The clock format is decided by the format="..." attribute, and the following placeholders can be used:

All other characters in the format string will be shown as is.
If you are not using the "A" placeholder, the clock will show the 24-hour format.
So, to get a clock as in the font examples below, you can use a format string like "W D M h:m:s".

The clock font can be specified by a normal font name as "Arial" or "Trebuchet MS" - or by the number of an embedded font (1-6). By using one of the embedded fonts, you can be certain that the clock looks the same in the viewers PC as in your own.

Font 5 is monospaced - not as pleasant to look at, but useful if you need a set, non-varying clock width.

Flash can only display the English names of the months and the weekdays, so if you want to use another language, you have to use the months="..." and weekdays="..." attributes. Just list the names of the months and weekdays, beginning with January and Sunday separated by commas(,).

Example of a digiclock hotspot:

<box id="myclock1" url="digiclock.swf" pan="174" tilt="-4" orientation="sphere" rotationX="30" rotationY="4" rotationZ="1"
   refreshRate="1" segmentsX="4" segmentsY="4" buttonMode="0" 
   font="2" fontColor="#C00000" fontSize="24" format="W D M  h:m:s"