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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
FPP external plugin for displaying geographic orientation.

It's a bit like the coordinates plugin, but more aimed at giving the viewer information about what geographic direction he is looking in.

You can choose between azimuth or FPP coordinates with low, medium or high precision. The two displays can be positioned individually and with a size and color of your liking.
Plugin parameters are read from an external xml file with the default name "direction.xml".
If you want to use a different filename you can add these lines to the FPP xml file:

Tags and attributes used in plugin XML file:

In <direction> tag:
visiblevisible="0"0 or 1, default=1
alphaalpha="0.60"plugin transparency
azimuthazimuth="Y"display style - Y or N, default=Y
Y: pan position is displayed as 0 - 360° and tilt as 0 - 180°
N: pan and tilt positions are displayed as usual: -180 - 180° and +90 - -90°
precisionprecision="low"display precision - low, medium or high, default=medium
offsetoffset="83"pano direction offset - a setting of, for example, 83 means that pano position 0 corresponds to a geographical direction of 83°
In <pan> and <tilt> tags:
visiblevisible=T0 or 1, anything else will toggle display visibility
alignalign="TR"relative position T(op),M(iddle),B(ottom) and L(eft),C(enter),R(ight) default=TL
offsetXoffsetX="-20"horizontal offset from aligned position
offsetYoffsetY="12"vertical offset from aligned position
In <text> tag:
fontfont="Comic Sans"display font - default=Arial
sizesize="14"font size - default=12
boldbold="1"0 or 1 - default=0
colorcolor="#0000FF"font color - default=#000000
bgColorbgColor="#FFFFDD"background color - default=transparent
frameColorframeColor="#FF0000"frame color - default=no frame

The following parameters can be updated dynamically from FPP:

visiblevisible=Tsee above
offsetoffset="83"see above
azimuthazimuth="N"see above
precisionprecision="low"see above

Version history: