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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
FPP hotspot plugin for displaying a combobox - or dropdown - menu.

Menu items can also be selected from FPP functions.
The plugin reads configuration data from an external XML file.

Plugin parameters are read from an external xml file with the default name "dropdown.xml". If you want to use a different name, use the spot xmlFile="..." attribute.

Example menu <spot>:

<spot id="dropdown" url="dropdown.swf" static="1" salign="TR" align="TR" staticX="-10" staticY="10"
   alpha="1.0" buttonMode="1" blockMouse="1"

Tags and attributes used in plugin XML file:

In <dropdown> tag:
widthwidth="140"menu width, default=150
heightheight="22"height of menu box when closed, default=25
rowsrows="6"dropdown rows, default=5

In <item> tag:
labellabel="Master bedroom"menu item text
commandcommand="global.goBedroom"FPP command when selected
selectedselected="1"menu item will be selected initially


Attribute names are not case sensitive ("Rows" is equal to "rows").

If you want to change the selected item in the dropdown menu without executing the FPP command, you can set the <spot> attribute select="xxx". The value "xxx" can be either the menu item text or the number of the menu item (1-n).

Example of plugin xml file:

<?xml version = '1.0'?>
   <item label="Af Chapman" command="global.goAfChapman" />
   <item label="Skeppsholmen South" command="global.goSkepp2" />
   <item label="Skeppsholmen East" command="global.goSkepp3" selected="1" />
   <item label="Pan 60 right" command="pano.pan+=60,2500" />
   <item label="Pan 90 right" command="pano.pan+=90,2500" />
   <item label="Pan 120 right" command="pano.pan+=120,2500" />
   <item label="Pan 60 left" command="pano.pan-=60,2500" />
   <item label="Pan 90 left" command="pano.pan-=90,2500" />
   <item label="Pan 120 left" command="pano.pan-=120,2500" />
   <item label="Do anything" command="" />
   <item label="Do anything else" command="" />

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