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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
FPP external plugin for arranging hotspots in groups. And by giving the plugin a single group command, the plugin will pass the command on to all members in the group. There is no restriction on the number of groups or the number of members in each group.


The plugin is very easy to use. Just load it in a layer in your FPP XML file:
layer6 = files/groups.swf

Then add the plugin configuration tag somewhere inside the <panorama> tag:
   buttons = left,down,right,up,zoomOut,zoomIn,full
   boxes   = box1,box2,box3,box4,box5

The format of a configuration line is simply:

group_name = member_1,member_2,...member_n

And when you for example want to toggle the visibility of the hotspots in a group, all you have to do
is execute a FPP command like:

I would have preferred a different syntax, but unfortunately FPP doesn't permit that.