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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
Use this hotspot plugin to generate a scrollable box with HTML content. The HTML links can of course function as usual and open new web pages or send emails, but also load new panos and execute FPP commands in your XML file.
The following attributes are supported:

htmlfilehtmlfile="text1.html"file with HTML content
cssfilecssfile="styles1.css"file with CSS styling (optional)
charsetcharset="iso-8859-1"character set, default is "utf-8",
for a complete list see here.
sizesize="300:60%"size of HTML box (format = width:height),
can be specified in pixels or as a percentage of pano width or height
bgcolorbgcolor="#CCCCFF"RGB value, default: transparent
bordercolorbordercolor="#0000FF"RGB value, default: no border

Changes in the "htmlfile" or the "cssfile" parameters are immediately reflected in the box content.

The HTML supported by Adobe in the TextField class is very limited.
You can read about it here:

Example FPP xml file:

<spot id="myText" url="../htmlbox2.swf" 
   static="1" salign="TL" align="TL" staticX="10" staticY="60"
   width="305" height="500" 
   alpha="0.65" scaleable="0" visible="1" depth="10"
   mouseChildren="1" blockMouse="1" disableKeys="0" disableControls="0" useHandCursor="0"
   bgcolor="#E0E0FF" bordercolor="#FFFFFF" 
   onOver="alpha=1,300; pano.disableWheel=1; pano.disableKeys=1" 
   onOut="alpha=0.65,600;pano.disableWheel=0; pano.disableKeys=0"

Version history:

The elusive scrollbar bug has got another work-over.

Hopefully fixed issue with "alpha" setting not having any effect.

"width" and "height" attributes are replaced by the "size" attribute, which can now be specified as a percentage of pano width or height.

Saturation is NOT set in plugin, so it can now be set in the hotspot.

Default value for bordercolor changed to: no border.
Default value for backgroundcolor changed to: transparent.

Really fixed code so vertical scrollbar should always be visible when needed!

Fixed code so vertical scrollbar should always be visible when needed.

Fixed bug which resulted in incorrect styling of text when applying the CSS file.