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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
An external plugin that can be used for executing FPP commands after a period of user inactivity.
The following parameters are supported:

Parameter names are not case sensitive ("ReCursive" is equal to recursive"). Parameter values, on the other hand, will be saved
exactly as written.

enabledenabled=10 or 1, default=0
timetime=300time of inactivity in seconds
commandcommand=global.func5FPP command(s)
recursiverecursive=10 or 1, default=0, see NOTES below


When setting the recursive parameter to 1, the plugin will always initiate a new period of inactivity checking after the previous one has timed out and triggered an action.

Version history:

Modified parsing of command=... parameter to allow for including semi-colons(;).

Fixed timing bug in initialization function.