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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
This external plugin is active during panorama loading and displays progress information in a box (optional) together with one or two images (also optional).

It's easy to design your own load meter, and you can also modify it "on the fly", to have different logos, colors or texts for each pano in a tour.

The following parameters are supported in the FPP xml file, and they may also be modified at any time
by a command like "external.logometer.imageL=img/logopano2.png":

Positioning and function:
salignsalign=RMrelative position of plugin (L,C,R and T,M,B
offsetXoffsetX=-10horizontal offset from alignment
offsetYoffsetY=50vertical offset from alignment
enabledenabled=0possibility to turn the meter on/off (default 1=on)
reloadreload=1shows meter when a pano is reloaded, default=0
delaydelay=5000delay (in ms) before closing box
FPP commands when pano loading is ready
Background box:
sizesize=200x140box size
radiusradius=15box corner radius
bgColorbgColor=0xFDE018background color
borderColorborderColor=0x000000border color
Lower image:
imageLimageL=img/logoeniro.pnglower image path (image below meter)
imageLPosimageLPos=5:5lower image position
tweenLtweenL=1lower image is an .swf file with tween
Upper image:
imageUimageU=img/logoeniro.pngupper image path (image above meter)
imageUPosimageUPos=5:5upper image position
tweenUtweenU=1upper image is an .swf file with tween
meterSizemeterSize=150x8meter bar size
meterPosmeterPos=9:80meter bar position
meterColormeterColor=0x0000ffmeter bar color
uncoveruncover=1meter bar uncovering background
textAligntextAlign=Ctext alignment: R(ight), C(enter) or L(eft)(default)
textPostextPos=9:100text position
textColortextColor=0x303030text color
fontfont=Arialtext font
fontSizefontSize=12size of text font
textLoadedtextLoaded=We have loaded %L kilobytestext for "loading progress"
textLoadFailuretextLoadFailure=loading failedtext for "loading failure"
textParsingtextParsing=parsingtext for "parsing pano"


Plugin position is calculated with the salign, offsetX and offsetY parameters. The salign parameter works as described in the FPP documentation, and the offsetX and offsetY values are added to get the final position.

If all the different components are used their relative Z-levels would be:

4 upper image (highest)
3 progress text
2 progress meter
1 lower image
0 background box and border (lowest)

The enabled parameter:
If set to enabled=0 initially, you can avoid showing the logoMeter when a preview pano is loaded. Then you can enable it dynamically ("external.logometer.enabled=1") before the main pano starts loading.

The uncover parameter:
If not used, the progress meter works as usual - growing from left to right.
If the parameter is set to uncover="1", the progress meter is drawn in full length from the beginning and used as a mask to cover the background. When loading starts, the mask will gradually shrink to the right, revealing the background.

The reload parameter:
If set to reload=1, the meter will also show when a pano is reloaded. The default is reload=0, which means that the meter will only be shown the first time a pano is loaded. The reason for this is that if the pano is reloaded, it has already been cached, so the meter would probably just flash on and off very quickly.

The tweenL and tweenU parameters:
The images used can also be Flash .swf files. If they contain tweens that you want to synchronize with the pano loading, they have to meet the following requirements:

  1. The tweens must run between frames 1 - 100.
  2. Frame 1 must contain an ActionScript stop(); command to prevent the tweens from playing automatically.

In the textLoaded parameter you can use the following placeholders:
%Lkilobytes downloaded
%Tkilobytes total
%Ppercentage downloaded

The postCommand parameter:
With this parameter you can send commands to FPP when loading of the pano is complete. There is of course an event in FPP that you can use. But if you are using the delay parameter, which is used to keep the meter (logo) visible for a while after loading, you can also delay the execution of these commands.

As you can't use the &;=| characters here in the XML file, you have to encode them as follows:

& as %26
; as %3B
= as %3D
| as %7C
It might of course be easier to put the commands in a FPP global function and just give the name of that function - that would probably not need any escape coded characters.

Example FPP xml file:






   textLoaded=We have loaded %L kilobytes
   textLoadFailure=loading failed

Version history:

Added textAlign parameter.

Added possibility to control swf files with tweens.
Modified position parameters.
Removed textSize parameter.

New parameter "reload=1"

Plugin does not become visible until plugin images are loaded.
Improved plugin fade out coding. 2.11:
Fixed bug when "font" parameter was read before "textSize" parameter.

2.10: Reworked code to make it possible to change all parameters dynamically