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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
FPP external plugin for displaying a scrollable menu box.
Each menu item can have icon, OnClick, OnOver and OnOut events.
The plugin reads configuration from external XML file.
Plugin parameters are read from an external xml file with the default name "panomenu.xml".
If you want to use a different filename you can add these lines to the FPP xml file:
This parameter can be URL encoded to allow the XML file to be loaded through a server side script.

Tags and attributes used in plugin XML file:

In <panomenu> tag:
sizesize="124:500"menu size, if not given menu will be autosized
salignsalign="BL"relative position T(op),M(iddle),B(ottom) and
L(eft),C(enter),R(ight) default=TL
marginmargin="10"margin to pano edge (used with salign=xx), default=10
margin="15:10"horizontal margin:vertical margin
alphaalpha="0.60"menu transparency
bgColorbgColor="#CFCFC0"menu background color, default=no background
borderColorborderColor="#000000"menu border color, default=no border
headingheading="My FPP menu"menu heading, default=no heading
itemSpaceitemSpace="5"extra vertical space between menu items, default=0
showAtStartshowAtStart="1"show menu at start, default=0
hideOnClickhideOnClick="0"hide menu after clicking item, default=1
hideStylehideStyle="fly,collapse"menu hiding style, supported values: "", "fly" or "collapse"
or combination, default=""
bgImagebgImage="img/menubg5.jpg"menu background image
In <fonts> tag:
 in <heading> childtag:
 in <item> childtag:
 in <selected> childtag:
 in <mouseOver> childtag:
visiblevisible="0"show field with name of chosen thumbnail (default 1)
fontfont="Helvetica"menu item text font name
textSizetextSize="16"menu item text size
textColortextColor="#FFFFFF"menu item text color
bgColorbgColor="#F00000"menu item text background color
borderColorborderColor="#A0A0C0"menu item text border color
boldbold="1"menu item text bold attribute
italicitalic="1"menu item text italic attribute
underlineunderline="1"menu item text underline attribute
In <menuItems><item> childtag:
idid="p12"image id (optional), used as reference when using
the "click" or "select" parameters
texttext="Train Station"menu item text
text="-" will generate a menu separator
imageimage="img/train.png"menu item icon image
onClickonClick="global.goPano2"menu item onClick command
onOveronOver="pic3.visible=1"menu item onOver command
onOutonOut="pic3.visible=0"menu item onOut command
selectedselected="1"menu item selected at start

The following parameters can be updated dynamically from FPP:

xmlFilexmlFile=myMenu.xmlbuild new menu
alphaalpha=0.50menu transparency
clickclick=M8simulate menu item click, onClick command will be executed
selectselect=M5set this menu item as selected, onClick command will NOT be executed
hidehide=T0 or 1, anything else will toggle menu state
showshow=Tas "hide" parameter, but inverted

Example of plugin xml file:

<?xml version = '1.0'?>
   heading="My FPP menu"
      <heading font="Helvetica" textSize="16" textColor="#FFFFFF" bgColor="#F00000" bold="1" />
      <item id="M" font="Helvetica" textSize="14" textColor="#000000" />
      <selected textColor="#FFFFFF" bgColor="#333333"  />
      <mouseOver bgColor="#F8F8FF" borderColor="#A0A0C0" bold="1" />
      <item id="M1" text="City Hall Tower" image="img/camera2.png" onClick="global.showPano1()" onOver="pic5s.visible=1" onOut="pic5s.visible=0" />
      <item id="M2" text="Maria Hill" image="img/camera1.png" onClick="global.showPano2()" onOver="pic6s.visible=1" onOut="pic6s.visible=0" />
      <item text="-" />
      <item id="M3" text="%C5SS bridge" image="img/yacht2.png" onClick="global.showPano3()" onOver="pic7s.visible=1" onOut="pic7s.visible=0" />
      <item id="M4" text="Where I work" image="img/work.png" onClick="global.showPano4()" onOver="pic3s.visible=1" onOut="pic3s.visible=0" />
      <item id="M5" text="The Train Bridge" image="img/train.png" onClick="global.showPano5()" onOver="pic2s.visible=1" onOut="pic2s.visible=0" selected="1" />
      <item text="-" />
      <item id="M6" text="My home" image="img/home.png" onClick="global.showPano6()" onOver="pic1s.visible=1" onOut="pic1s.visible=0" />
      <item id="M7" text="The Yacht Club" image="img/yacht.png" onClick="global.showPano7()" onOver="pic4s.visible=1" onOut="pic4s.visible=0" />
      <item text="-" />
      <item id="M8" text="City Hall Tower" image="img/camera2.png" onClick="global.showPano8()" onOver="pic5s.visible=1" onOut="pic5s.visible=0" />
      <item id="M9" text="%C5SS bridge" image="img/yacht2.png" onClick="global.showPano9()" onOver="pic7s.visible=1" onOut="pic7s.visible=0" />
      <item id="M10" text="Where I work" image="img/work.png" onClick="global.showPano10()" onOver="pic3s.visible=1" onOut="pic3s.visible=0" />
      <item text="-" />
      <item id="M11" text="My home" image="img/home.png" onClick="global.showPano11()" onOver="pic1s.visible=1" onOut="pic1s.visible=0" />
      <item id="M12" text="The Yacht Club" image="img/yacht.png" onClick="global.showPano12()" onOver="pic4s.visible=1" onOut="pic4s.visible=0" />


Remember when setting a plugin parameter from the FPP XML file, that the plugin name must always be written in lower case, ie. "external.panomenu.salign=BL".

Parameter and attribute names are not case sensitive ("bgcolor" is equal to "BGColor").

If a background image larger than the menu is used, it will be automatically masked.

The "click=xxx" parameter can be used at any time to simulate an menu item click. The onClick command will be executed and the menu will be hidden if "hideOnClick" is set.

The "select=xxx" parameter can also be used to select a menu item. But the onClick command will NOT be executed and the menu will NOT be automatically hidden.

If the "id" attribute is not specified for menu items, the value of the "click" and "select" parameters will be matched against the menu item "text" attribute.