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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
I wrote this timer plugin because the FPP timer seems to be very dependant on frame rate. The method used in this timer, is to check the built-in hardware clock in your computer. As a curiosity this clock is counting milliseconds since January 1, 1970, and the plugin is reading this value five times a second. That, of course, doesn't make the plugin suited for millisecond timings but rather from a second upwards. And keeping the checking rate low helps keeping the CPU load on a low level.

There is no restriction on the number of delays that can be handled. They are all stored in an array and checked five times a second. And as soon as "their time has come", the FPP- command is executed and they are removed from the array.

You can use this timer in two different ways:

1. To get a simple fixed delay before a FPP command is issued.

2. To execute FPP commands repeatedly at certain intervals. This can be used as a countdown to an event, or for example to show a hotspot once every 2 minutes and then hide it again after 10 seconds.



The last two parameters are only used for interval commands.


Just load the plugin in a layer in your FPP XML file:
layer9 = files/panotimer.swf

To initiate a timer, you set the plugin event= with the delay and command parameters, for example:

This would execute the FPP global function showSpot20 after 15 seconds.

To execute the example above with showing a hotspot every 2 minutes, you add the two extra parameters for interval and repetitive command:

This command will execute the global function showSpot every 2 minutes, and keep on doing that for 20 minutes, before finally executing the endFunc function. And the showSpot function could of course contain a panotimer delay of 10 seconds before hiding the hotspot again.


Because FPP parses values assigned to external plugin parameters as if they were assignments with motion tweens, like:

[name]=[value],[time in milliseconds],[type of tween function],[done function name],[interrupt function name]

you cannot use commands like these when setting the plugin event parameter. We are using commas to separate our own parameters. This is a general rule, and not valid for just this plugin. To avoid problems, I would suggest always using the name of an FPP (global) function as FPP_command, and instead put your commands in that function.

If you are executing a global function, don't forget to include the "global." prefix.