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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
An external plugin for randomizing an FPP command by setting a random value within specified limits, or making a random choice from a given set. A choice can also be made depending on time of day, day of the week, day of the month or month of the year.
The following parameter is supported:



If you want to randomize an FPP command, do like this:
- Replace the value or the string in your command that you want to randomize with [...] (see below).
- Send it to the randomize.swf plugin.
- The plugin will replace the bracket [...] with a random value and execute the command.

The [...] bracket content can have two different formats:

1.For numeric values - specify a range of numeric values (with the lower value first)
example: [-800 - -20] (spaces are ignored)
The plugin will generate a random value inside the range.
2a.For strings - specify a set of strings separated by "|"
example: [panoA|panoB|panoC] (spaces are taken as any other character)
The plugin will make a random selection of one of the strings.
2b.For strings - specify one of the function names $(func_name) immediately followed by a set
of strings separated by "|". There are four different function names to choose from:
"time", "weekday", "day" and "month".
Remember that inside the bracket, spaces are taken as any other character.
example 1: [$(month)panoA|panoB|panoC|panoD]
In this example the plugin will choose one of the strings depending on what month it is,
and as there are four strings to choose from, it will divide the year into four parts:
Jan - Mar it will select "panoA"
Apr - Jun it will select "panoB"
Jul - Sep it will select "panoC"
Oct - Dec it will select "panoD"
example 2: [$(weekday)panoA|panoB|panoC|panoD|panoE|panoF|panoG]
In this example the plugin will choose one of the strings depending on what weekday it is.
Here we have seven strings - one for each weekday, which means that:
Sunday it will select "panoA"
Monday it will select "panoB"
Tuesday it will select "panoC"
Wednesday it will select "panoD"
Thursday it will select "panoE"
Friday it will select "panoF"
Saturday it will select "panoG"

You can use several brackets [...] in the same command.

Due to the way FPP works internally - it separates commands with semicolon (;) and plugin parameters with comma (,) - you have to escape-code semicolon with %3B and commas with %2C, if you send more that one FPP command or uses more than four commas in a single plugin command. However, if you send a single command at a time to the plugin, you don't have to escape-code anything.