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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
FPP hotspot plugin for displaying an image or .swf file that can be rescaled when pano size changes. It has some advantages over the FPP smartscale plugin.
The following attributes are supported:

filefile="images/clock31.swf"image or .swf file to load
sizesize="auto"display size in pixels, percentage or auto - se NOTES
paddingpadding="20"minimum space around image - se NOTES
maxScalemaxScale="150%"max image scale, expressed as, for example, 75% or 0.75


The main advantage over the FPP smartscale plugin is that the image can be rescaled to fit a certain part of the pano, and (if you want) always keep its aspect ratio.

The size attribute has the following format:


The width or height values can be expressed in the following way:
fixed numbersize="280:..."image width will always be 280 pixels
percentagesize="80%:..."image width will always be 80% of pano width
autosize="auto:..."image width will adapt to height to keep aspect ratio

A couple of examples:
size="250:auto"width fixed at 250 pixels
height fixed and calculated to keep aspect ratio
size="auto:75%"width will adapt to height to keep aspect ratio
height varies to always be 75% of pano height
size="60%:40%"width varies to always be 60% of pano width
height varies to always be 40% of pano height
aspect ratio will vary
width varies to be max 100% of pano width
height varies to be max 100% of pano height
aspect ratio will always be kept

If only one size value is given, it will be applied to both width and height.

The padding attribute is only meaningful when spot alignment is set to "CM", as available image space is decreased by this value times two. And if the image is aligned to one of the pano sides, the empty space will be on just one side of the image.

Example FPP xml file:

      <global onStart="goBridge()"

         <spot id="FSbutton" url="../img/full.png" alt="Fullscreen on/off" static="1" salign="TL" staticX="35" staticY="35" scale="1" alpha="0.65" onClick="fullscreen(-)" />

         <spot id="pic1" url="../rescaler.swf" static="1" align="CM" salign="CM" staticX="0" staticY="0" blockMouse="1" buttonMode="0"