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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
FPP hotspot plugin for showing a box with dynamic text.
The following parameters are supported:

texttext="The lazy fox jumps..."text content
text="#nn"numbered text read by plugin "texts.swf"
text="*spotID.attr"text from attribute "attr" in hotspot with id="spotID"
textfiletextfile="..."read text content from file
charsetcharset="iso-8859-1"Character set, default "utf-8"
bgcolorbgcolor="#CCCCFF"background color RGB value, default transparent
bordercolorbordercolor="#0000FF"border color RGB value, default no border
widthwidth="275"use together with wordwrap="1" to disable width autosizing
pwidthpwidth="35%"width in percentage of pano width - use together with wordwrap="1" to disable width autosizing
selectableselectable="1"makes the text selectable
wordwrapwordwrap="1"1 or 0, default 0
marginmargin="10"left and right margins width, default 0
leftmarginleftmargin="10"left margin width, default 0
rightmarginrightmargin="10"right margin width, default 0
textaligntextalign="center""left", "right", "center" or "justify", default "left"
fontfont="Garamond"font name, default "Arial"
sizesize="11"font size, default 10
colorcolor="#0000FF"font color RGB value, default "#000000"
boldbold="1"1 or 0, default 0
italicitalic="1"1 or 0, default 0
underlineunderline="1"1 or 0, default 0
leadingleading="5"extra line height, default=0
newformatnewformat="1"when set to "1" the plugin will reload text format attributes (marked with blue color),
see explanation below

The plugin is monitoring the text="..." and textfile="..." attributes. You should only use one of them. As soon as the content of the text attribute is changed, the plugin will update the text box, and when the textfile attribute has been changed, the plugin will load a new text from the new file.

When the text="..." attribute contains a pointer to an attribute in another hotspot (text="*spotID.attr"), that hotspot attribute will also be monitored.

You can also use the numbered texts option (text=#nn"). The file containing the numbered texts is then loaded by the texts.swf plugin. This plugin will then pass the number to texts.swf and get the corresponding text string in return.

All text format attributes (marked with blue color) will be reloaded when the text has been changed. But if you only want to change the text format, for example the background color, then first set the bgcolor="..." attribute and then set newformat="1". As the plugin is also monitoring the newformat attribute, it will reload all attributes as soon as it is set to "1". The reason for having the newformat attribute is to reduce CPU load by not monitoring all format attributes continuously.

Don't forget to include wordwrap="1" if you are using width="" or pwidth="" to disable autosizing.

The reason for having a separate parameter (pwidth) for percentage width, is that the width="" parameter is a FPP hotspot attribute that doesn't allow the percentage (%) sign.

The text is always unescaped before it is displayed. That means you can write all characters and signs in their escaped form (,=%2C, ;=%3B, &=%26 ...). A newline character can also be written as \n.

Comma(,) and semicolon(;) are two of the characters that cannot be used directly in the "text" parameter, and therefore needs to be escape-coded (only needed when the text is written directly in the XML file - not when using numbered texts in a separate text file).

Version history:

Attribute selectable="1" added to enable marking and copying text.

Attribute leading="nnn" added to enable setting extra line height.

Newline can now be written as \n.

Attribute pwidth="nn%" added to enable setting textbox width in percentage of pano width.

Fixed bug when setting alpha value (text component blendMode must be set to BlendMode.LAYER for alpha to work).