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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
This is an external plugin with 2D or 3D radar function.

The radar follows the user when he is panning, tilting and zooming.

The following parameters are supported:
visiblevisible=00 or 1, anything else toggles visibility
show3Dshow3D=00=2D, 1=3D, anything else toggles 2D/3D, default=1
pospos=620:80absolute position
salignsalign=RMrelative position (L,C,R and T,M,B
or default=CM)
salign=-0.45:0.48(-0.50 - +0.50 default=0)
marginmargin=10margin to pano edge (only
ortogether with salign=xx)
sizesize=40radar size
scalescale=0.75scaling of radar
alphaalpha=0.60radar transparency
colorcolor=0xa0a0e0radar color
offsetoffset=316pano offset in degrees (example: 0° pan = 316° radar direction - NNW)

All parameters can be updated dynamically from FPP.