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This plugin is completely free for use in any context or connection.
This plugin generates an embedded YouTube player.

You can set the size of the player, and also if you want a video to start playing automatically or to be cued in pause mode. You can at any time load a new video with a FPP command.
The following hotspot attributes are supported:

sizesize="320:280"player size, format="width:height"
modemode="play"video mode, "cue" (default) or "play"
videovideo="TbGUrNtoRC4"video id, see below


You can get the id of a YouTube video easily by looking at the YouTube url. It is the content of the v parameter:

A new video is loaded when the spot attribute video="..." is set to a new id, and by setting video="", the video will be stopped and the player unloaded.

Example FPP XML file:

   <!-- video player -->
   <spot id="youtube" url="youtube.swf" static="1" salign="TC" align="TC" staticX="0" staticY="15" 
      size="320:280" mode="play" video=""